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Swiss quality

Switzerland and its inhabitants have long stood for the pure and unadulterated pleasures of life. Blessed with unsurpassed beauty, their natural heritage is an example of the typical quest for perfection that impacts all other aspects of the Swiss way of life. Today the choice is clear: from natural source to finished product, from lifestyle to quality of life, the only way is that of Swiss quality.

The origins of Niro Ceramic

The year 1979 and the bottom of the Swiss Cresciano mean the beginning of the rich history of Niro Ceramic & NIRO GRANITE - The Swiss Quality Tile. The company was founded by Niro, a respected multinational engineering group from Denmark, which still owns the company. Niro Ceramic was the epitome and symbol of the production of refined porcelain tiles of excellent quality. Through breathing in and out as it were, the never-ending commitment to "Swiss quality", NIRO GRANITE The Swiss Quality Tile could count on considerable acclaim across the world. Along with the finest porcelain tiles covering floors and walls of well-known places on all continents, the Swiss technology was also implemented around the globe. Under license of Niro Ceramic, NIRO GRANITE The Swiss Quality Tile has also been manufacturing in Malaysia since 1989 and in Indonesia since 1996. NIRO GRANITE is always looking for excellence and as an indication thereof, the facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia make use of the latest technology. It goes without saying that the exclusive production process is 'state-of-the-art'. Furthermore, both factories maintain very high technical performance and to ensure that they meet the highest Swiss standards, they use only the best raw materials available. In turn, obtaining ISO9002 in 1995 and ISO9001 in 2003 illustrates how obsessed and imbued Niro Ceramic is with quality. The Policy, the systems and processes, the service, the products, research and development: everything is dedicated to continuous quality improvement.
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